Thursday July 18th, 2019 - Saturday July 20th, 2019 | Lewis & Clark College | Portland, Oregon

2015 - 14th Annual CGDC at WArner pacific college

CGDC 2015 saw the conference return to Warner Pacific College.

Event Photos


Conference Sessions & Events

Thursday July 16th

Game Design Workshop - Thomas Henshell, Defiance Games

2015 Games Cup - Joseph Vasquez


Friday July 17th

Year in Review - Michael Herrera, Break Ground Games   YouTube Video

Boundaries Relating to Christian Standards - Murselle McMillan   YouTube Video

Christianity as a Counterculture Movement - Seth Crofton, 1A Games   YouTube Video

The Spiritual Side of What Makes Games Fun - Charlie Mauck

Psuedo-Random Infinite Game Terrian Algorithms - Daniel Chay,

Using Unity Effectively: Team & Technique Optimizations for Mobile -  Kyle Garner, Megaworld Studios

Motion Capture - Edwin Jack, Barehand LLC

Make a Game in Unity - Nic Biondi, Soulareus Interactive


Saturday July 18th

Meeting Emotional Needs to Create Addictive Games - Laurene Wells, Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo   YouTube Video

Level Up! Embracing God's GUI for Character Creation and Development - Peter Churness, Rebel Planet Creations   YouTube Video

Player Agency and Projection - Alexander Truong, ActWorks

Fred, Food, and Swarm Mechanics in the World of G Prime - Chris Skaggs & John McGlothlan, Soma Games   YouTube Video

The Secrets of Sound: Interactive Sound Design Crash Course - James Marantette