Thursday July 18th, 2019 - Saturday July 20th, 2019 | Lewis & Clark College | Portland, Oregon

2016 - A Growing community event

CGDC 2016 was our largest conference yet with about 120 in attendance. There were great vibes, lots of networking, food, informative panels, and, of course, video games!  As always, the conference engendered a special connection with the Holy Spirit through all sorts of people from around the world (even Finland!) all in one locale.

More details can be found on these pages: Expo, Screening of Thank You for Playing

Event Photos


Conference Sessions & Events

Thursday July 14th

Christian Game Development: The First 20 Years - Phil Conrod, BibleByte Games   YouTube Video

Year in Review - Michael Herrera, Break Ground Game Studios    YouTube Video

That Was Then, This is Now - Scott Adams, Scott Adams Grand Adventures   YouTube Video

Game Design and SWOT Workshop - Seth Crofton, 1A Games & Irma DeLeon, Rock, Salt, & Light Ministries

Annual CGDC Games Cup - Joseph Vasquez, Jii Games


Friday July 15th

Historic Struggle Marketing Christian Video Games - Seth Crofton, 1A Games    Facebook Video

Scrum - Scott Adams, Scott Adams Grand Adventures

Post Mortem of Citizens of Earth - Ryan Vandendyck, Eden Industries   Facebook Video

Godot Game Engine - Clint E Fleetwood, Aletheia Games

Artistic Redwall Character Design - Chris Skaggs, Soma Games

Business 101 - Ted Brown, Oreganik

Q&A Panel: Releasing on Steam

Marketing Christian Games - Eric Daniels, Kingdom Games

Intro to Unity 3d & C# - Stacy Layton

Designing Games of Substance - Patrick Lysaght, Chara Games

Special Event: Screening of Thank You For Playing - Ryan & Amy Green, Brock Henderson, Numinious Games


Saturday July 16th

Custom Build Your Own Game Engine - Ryan Vandendyck, Eden Industries   Facebook Video

3D Coat Demo - Edwin Jack, Barehand LLC

Postmortem / Q&A on Five: Guardians of David - James Parkman, Kingdom Games

Beta Testing in a Box - Shem Bingman   Facebook Video

The Secrets of Sound: Interactive Sound Design Crash Course - James Marantette

History of Visions - Laurene Wells, Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo

AI Learning, Prediction, and Style using N-Grams - Joseph Vasquez, Jii Games

Conflict Resolution in Gaming: Vengeance vs. Reconciliation- Murselle McMillian, M Joshua Cauller, Justin Fox, NoRoom LLC

How to Discern and Mentor Through Games - Clint E Fleetwood, Aletheia Games & M Joshua Cauller

Using Shaders and Substances for Great Unity3D Art - Amelia Miller, Kaio Interactive

Gettng it Done: What It Took to Finish the 1st CDN Community Game - Kris Murray, KrisOnStrings   Facebook Video

Zumba Dance Fitness - Joseph Vasquez, Jii Games