Introducing 2017 CGDC jr

The CGDC continues to work on making the conference a more family-friendly experience. We are excited to announce the creation of CGDC Jr. which consists of a youth-oriented track as well as day care for younger children.

CGDC Jr. is a program new to the conference. It is designed to be an interactive learning experience for youth of all ages. This year an entire track of speakers have come together to provide hands-on workshops for youths to attend. These sessions will run at the same time as other sessions and will be taught by speakers with many years of experience working with children. All tracks will run on Friday and Saturday.  Daycare will also be provided all three days of the conference.

This years’ CGDC Jr. will feature talks by enthusiastic and skilled individuals, some who have worked almost exclusively around youth for the past few years. The workshops they have created will cover many aspects of game design. There will be workshops dealing with art, character and board game design, and even a workshop on Super Mario Maker. Every class is designed to be interactive, yet have games aspects and design principles intertwined throughout. Finally, a separate area will be set aside for those too young to want to attend the workshops. This area is staffed by a group of trustworthy ladies from a church group. They will provide both day care and supervision for all children.

Hands-on Workshop Speakers / Sessions

Carl Sommers / Wonky Rhino

"Make Your Own Fun"

This is a very basic, kid-oriented talk encouraging kids to try to design and prototype their own board games. I will give tips on choosing an initial game or game mechanic that they may like to see adapted towards their own imagination-be it an adaptation of theme or gameplay. I intend to use chess as a starting point. I will give them restrictions on how they can adapt the game of chess (no more than 3 units with unique movement, no more than the standard number of tiles on a chess board, etc.) Give them paper supplies to prototype with and allow them some time to finish and test a game before the session is completed.

Clint Fleetwood / Aletheia Game Studio

"Making Paper Characters come to Life"

In this workshop the students will draw their very own character on paper and learn how to make a walk animation with the paper cutout. Through some digital magic, their paper characters will be put into a video where everybody can watch the students creations march and dance.

Jii Vasquez / Software Engineer, Nintendo Technology Development Inc.

" Zumba® Kids Jammin’ with Jii"

A rockin’ dance party designed to get all your sillies out! Jam along to kid-friendly music and moves as Jii leads you through simple steps and group activities that will get your hearts pumping. Play games from foreign cultures, make friends, and go crazy in a session packed with worship, fitness, fun, surprises, and no parents allowed!

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" Level Design Workshop with Super Mario Maker™ "

Create your own Super Mario courses and challenge your instructors to complete them! Jii will host a hands-on session where you’ll gain experience designing levels your way within one of the most iconic video game worlds of all time. Win prizes for matching assigned themes, or enjoy getting lost in your own creativity. The session will conclude with CGDC speakers trying to beat your crazy levels!

Melchiah Mauck / Luminescent Brain Shrimp

"A History of Video Game Consoles"

What better way to explain Moore’s Law and its effect on gaming than a hands-on history of video game consoles. Attendees will get to play games on a console from most console generations, compare the stats of these historic video game consoles, and see the exponential increase in performance.

Hannah Kelly

"The Creative Process"

The creative process is a vital routine for any and all stages in game development, from concept art to character animation. In this interactive talk, we will walk through each of the steps in the creative process: brainstorm, research, thumbnail, rough, and final drafts. But memorization is useless without practical experience! Attendees will practice implementing the creative process with a couple fun activities and also gain tips and tricks for drawing and sculpting.

Childcare Specialists

Anna Fleetwood is currently a stay at home mom with her 3 wonderful children. She has previously worked with adults with developmental disabilities, worked with the children’s ministry in a large church, been in the youth ministry with her husband, and worked as house parents at girls and boys town and FL sheriff’s boys’ ranch.

Rachel Dinan, among other things, loves books, the outdoors, kids, and her piano. She has seven siblings, and has helped with their schooling. When Rachel isn’t busy with her family, her main job is babysitting, she watches at least three kids a week, during meetings, and just general babysitting during the day. Rachel is very good with children of all ages, from infants, to teenagers. She has vast levels of patience, and is willing to simply sit with a child and talk with them, or just hold them for hours. Rachel is also constantly cheerful and enthusiastic in everything she does. She is truly a gift to the CGDC Volunteer team.


Hello, my name is Lael Mauck, I have been going to CGDC as long as I can remember, and recently have begun volunteering and helping out with the conference. I am really excited to be able to help out with CGDC Jr. this year. It is a project I am really excited about! I have twelve siblings, so as one may guess, I work with kids a lot! Besides hanging out with my siblings, I enjoy painting and playing games, or reading books. I will be helping out wherever I am needed, though I will probably be more involved with speakers and their talks.

This is April Dinan. April is cool. She enjoys working with kids, animals, and plants. She is also an amazing artist. If you ever catch her, ask her to show you her sketch book. You will not be disappointed. As far as watching children is concerned, April, like her older sister Rachel, works a lot with children, both around the house, and with other families’ children. She is thoughtful, and always has fun activities and ideas that she implements with enthusiasm. This is her first time at the conference, and she is excited to help out with children.

Hi, my name is Amaile Mauck. I am 13 years old and have been born and raised in Oregon. I am the second oldest of 8 siblings, 3 brothers and 5 sisters. I enjoy and have been playing volleyball for quite a while and have learned to love it. Reading books is another thing I spend my spare time doing I read mostly old English which I love for its big words and the manner they had back then. Having as many sibling as I do, I babysit practically every day. My youngest sibling turned one in April, so I have lots of experience with babies and toddlers. Sometimes I will play with them outside, we live on 17 ½ acres, or I watch them inside. I love kids and hope to have a big family myself.

Hi, my name is Eleasah Mauck and I am going to be 13 years old by conference. I babysit almost every day, I normally work with children from 8 down to infants. I have 12 siblings and 7 of them are younger than me. In my spare time, I do zumba, read, or work outside. My favorite things to do are volleyball, zumba and talking to friends. I enjoy working with kids, both inside, with school, and outside, playing around. I think it would be nice to work with kids at CGDC this year.