CGD 201 Curriculum

Maybe you’re deep in the middle of your game or have released games in the past, and you’re feeling the reality that game development is hard. Now that you’re well on your game development journey, you may be asking yourself, “how do I really do this?”

This course is designed to go in depth into the actual process of making games. The effort, sacrifice, and skill that culminate into interactive entertainment. Each chapter of the book is a case study on one game and how it came to be. While anyone can enjoy the stories found herein, this course is primarily designed for people who have already taken the 101 course as a foundation and are actively involved in a game development project.


Lesson #1: Introduction & Pillars of Eternity

Lesson #2: Uncharted

Lesson #3: Stardew Valley

Lesson #4: Diablo III

Lesson #5: Halo Wars

Lesson #6: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Lesson #7: Shovel Knight

Lesson #8: Destiny

Lesson #9: The Witcher 3

Lesson #10: Star Wars 1313 & Epilogue