Dorm Logistics

Lounge Area in Aldrich Hall.

Lounge Area in Aldrich Hall.


New, this year, we are taking payments in advance online here

The North Aldrich Dorms are reserved for single men. Single women and families are reserved for the South Aldrich Dorms. See the map above for dorm  and available parking locations (permits/tags are not needed).

From the Events Team at Multnomah University:

Welcome to Multnomah University!  As the university’s Events Team, we are excited to host the Christian Game Developer’s Conference. Along with some basics that will help you navigate our campus we have attached some helpful documents; a campus map and information on some fun stops here in Portland.  For the conference, the three areas in use will be the Residence Halls, The Student Center, and the lower Library classrooms.   
Parking: Please enter campus at the driveway on 87th Ave. You are welcome to park in the large lot in front of the Gym. Staff parking is marked and reserved from 6am to 6pm Monday- Friday. You are welcome to use staff parking outside of these times. Parking is also available beside the residence halls.  
Check-in Process: Check-in Time: 5:00 pm Wednesday, July 18th. Follow the signs from 87th St. to our check-in location, the JCA South Lobby (Please enter on the South side). You may choose to move your car closer to the dorm after checking in. If you are staying in the residence halls the conference organizer will give you a key card to access the dorm, as well as a room key.  
The Student Center: The JCA Student Center will be opened at 6:30am each morning of the conference.  All doors will be locked at 12am, with conference attendees in the building.  No alarm will be set and doors can be opened from the inside to let folks in.  There will be access to the lounge, both foyer spaces, the Presidential Dining Room and the Dining Hall.   
Residence Hall Information and Departure: As a courtesy to all of our conference guests, we would like to communicate a 10pm - 8am quiet time in the dorms. Thanks for your help to ensure that nothing is left behind and prepared for our custodial team to take it from there. 
Roger’s Café: Our on-campus coffee shop will be closed for the remainder of the Summer. Coffee and soda will be provided as part of the Dining Hall food service.  
Campus Safety: In case of an emergency please call 911. THEN, call Campus Safety at 503-251-6499. If it’s safe to do so, please remain at the scene of the incident until the authorities arrive. For minor first-aid needs or to report an accident of any kind please call Campus Safety. They are prepared to clean up bodily fluids and assist with minor medical needs.  Campus Safety patrols 24/7, so please do not hesitate to give them a call. Should you get locked out of your room please call Campus Safety, for all other concerns after hours, please contact your conference organizer.  
We hope you enjoy your stay here at Multnomah. We’re glad you’re here!  

Check Out Procedures:

Check-out Process: Check-out Time: Saturday evening or Sunday Morning Please leave your dorm room door open as you exit and make sure to give your organizer both your key card and room key before leaving. All key cards and room keys must be returned to the organizer at check-out. Any lost keys will be charged at a rate of $50 per key and $15 per key card.

We would appreciate you leaving the residence hall in a tidy state prior to departure. Therefore, please complete this checklist before you leave.   

1. Return all furniture to original locations

2. Turn off all ceiling fans and lights in all rooms

3. Dispose of any garbage that is in the rooms and bathrooms

4. Ensure that you have removed all of your belongings from the bathrooms

5. Check that you have packed all your items (i.e phone/iPad/Laptop, chargers, clothing, etc…) 

6. Close and lock all windows

7. Turn in key cards and door keys at designated check-out location

Damage/Breakages: Please let conference leadership know about any damaged or broken items in the residence halls.


Our facilities team thanks you!