Welcome Our New CGDC Board Members!

We are glad to introduce two new members of the CGDC community, Brock Henderson and Michael Perrigo, to our board! Here is a little bit about them:

Brock Henderson believes the world is a better place when we play together. As co-founder and CTO of PxlPug, he is excited to share that message with the world. PxlPug’s purpose is to create a healthy community where individuals are valued for who they are and are encouraged to grow into who they were created to be. The studio does this by crafting games that bring people together.

Brock is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. He has a passion for creating video games and a proven track record with over 25 shipped titles and 3+ million downloads. Before entering the games industry, he co-founded the design firm Paper Tower where he served as its creative director for over a decade. In that time, he designed interactive experiences for clients like Coca-Cola, Motorola, and Harvard.

Brock currently resides in a small town in Iowa with his beautiful wife Vanessa and their five children—where he loves to read and blog.

Michael Perrigo is a writer, web designer, game developer and founder of Faithdrawn Studios – a game studio focused on exhibiting discipleship qualities through fantasy storytelling. He is currently working on my first title, Fayestory, which will focus on the dynamics between learning to trust God and self-sufficiency. Faith vs. Doubt. God vs. self.

Michael’s favorite quote is “Think. Tinker. Dominate”, because he must discover something new each day, reverse engineer, and conquer it. Luckily, anything worth doing is ever-changing, which creates a moving target, making the chase for creativity and excitement never-ending. His favorite pastime is to daydream entire worlds, stories, and characters (but not while driving!) based on his not-so-great upbringing and testimony in hopes that it can help others understand that they don’t have to become their past just because they came from it – that they can set the example instead. He enjoys working out and eating delicious food to counteract his progress.

He grew up in foster care and has lived his entire life using video games as a means of escape – games like Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts (yep, he’s got deep roots for Square Enix) but now, he wants to develop games in the same creative vein to help people escape this world and embrace something greater – God. Michael has an amazing and hilarious five-year-old son named Aiden, and now that he’s a father he truly understands God’s love for him for the first time in his life, so it drives his creative process!

We also want to recognize the two board members, Michael Herrera and Peter Churness, whose terms have ended this past year. Michael’s contributions have been key to the organization, including his efforts at building CGDC’s social community, his significant involvement with the conference planning including presenting the Year in Review to showcase the work of Christians in game development and improving the Expo, and the encouragement he gave to everyone. Peter has been a part of CGDC since the early days and we have all benefited from that wisdom and the pastoral gifts he has brought to the board. He will continue to be a part of CGDC as a chaplain so that we can continue to benefit from his wisdom and support.

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