1. What inspired you to start on your game design path?
  2. “The colors aren’t scripture nor are they the light behind it, rather they are an expression of the truth.” How do you hope your work shares the truth of the Lord?
  3. Andrew talks about how the old fantasy novels he used to read became the soil for God to plant the gospel into his heart. What in your own life and projects has the Lord prepared you for from your past?
  4. Songwriting is about patience. Writing a book is about endurance. How have you found your game design to be? Why do you think that is?
  5. How have you found courage to share your work and how do we kill the roaches of laziness?
  6. “The steady resonance of your work might move someone closer to the Kingdom. And compared to the human heart, planets are small potatoes.” How can our steady work bring someone closer to the Kingdom?