Bug & Seek

Catch bugs and clues in this cozy bug-catching sim/creature collector styled like an 8-bit classic. You’ve bought the local bug museum, abandoned after a mysterious robbery. Fill orders, build your collection, and upgrade your skills and equipment while exploring Buggburg and uncovering its secrets.
Developer: So Peculiar
Release Date: December 6, 2023


Being developed by a tiny, two-person dev team, Bug & Seek is a relaxing, open-ended, bug catching sim/creature collector with a mystery twist. In Bug & Seek, you’ve just sunk your life savings into buying an abandoned Insectarium (bug museum)! Once the lifeblood of the town and its economy, someone stole all the bugs in the dead of night. Now it’s up to you to catch and sell bugs, fulfill requests from the local shops, and re-establish the Insectarium as a town icon. Become a master bug hunter as you level up your bug-catching skills, upgrade your equipment, and expand your Insectarium. Meet the locals and complete quests to earn special items and discover what really happened during The Great Bug Heist. And relax! There are no wrong choices, no energy levels to worry about, and plenty of time to complete quests and jobs.

*We are also working on localization into many more languages!*

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