Victory 7 TCG

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A fun and strategic bible-based trading card game that is designed as an alternative to games like Magic: the Gathering; but, it’s no duplicate! This game is a unique, different, & illustrative game which has the capability to teach all of us the wonders of God without even realizing such!



Be the first player to brighten their Lamp to 70 Lumens or more.

You have awoken in an unknown place. Your sight and shape are dim. You find a book so dusty and a Lamp that sparks and glows faintly. You realize the book has Power and the Lamp’s brightness corresponds with each line you read. It’s now, you have the opportunity to discover which words darken or brighten the Lamp. Hurry now…

Use the good in the Bible to brighten your Lamp, while evil strives to darken. Through the use of spiritual traits such as Righteousness, Faith or Peace, or flesh-driven traits such as Corruption, Doubt or Hostility, play your cards which match each trait to accomplish your strategy! You may not have one now, but you will, trust me.

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