Christian music and rhythm game Space Beastz has an 80s soundtrack that’s out of this world

The Christian Game Developer’s Conference just released its second volunteer-based community game on Steam. Space Beastz is a music and rhythm game that’s inspired by Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and mixes the frenzied pace of Overcooked with the visual style and space theme of the incredibly popular Among Us.

You’ll join the crew of David, an intergalactic music composer on a mission to bring the gift of life-changing music to the galaxy. The spaceship has a collection of out-of-this-world instruments built into it, but they are prone to breaking down if they are not consistently used. That’s right, they need human players to keep the beats flowing!

Each world that you visit and play for has unique problems and preferred music styles, and today, we’ll be looking at some of the tracks in the official Space Beastz soundtrack, including some of the inspiration behind the curtain.

The game opens up with the “Main theme” title track (Syst3m Glitch). It plays while you peruse the menu screens, choosing between Story Mode and Jukebox Mode, between Single-Player and Multiplayer, and difficulties ranging up to “Beastz Mode”.

In “Queen Shee-lia” (Andrew Isom), the level one track, you come upon a planet filled with anxious sheep and are called to play some soothing tunes for them. Moving on to level two, you’ll realize that the sheep planet has been attacked and you’ll be called upon to play an upbeat tune to cure the lion’s boredom in “King Lionel” (Aaron Vaders-Collins and Bobby Vickery).

Next, you’ll encounter the greatly troubled, Galactic King himself in the appropriately self-titled “King Saul” (Kyle Griffith). Uplift his mood with music and encourage him to bring peace to the galaxy. Rounding of your journey, you’ll hear both the full and instrumental versions of a professionally mixed and mastered “Here With You” by Synth Wave and Retro Pop artist Syst3m Glitch that’s sure to give you deep 80s nostalgia vibes.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the well-polished product of our incredibly talented Space Beastz music team and agree that their hard work and dedication has paid off tenfold. Please consider listening to each track below, and don’t forget that you can download the game on Steam right now to experience these soundscapes in real-time!

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