Update on the 2022 Community Game ‘Foothold’

Hi everyone!

We wanted to provide an update on the project’s progress. We’ve decided to push the schedule back a bit. We’re now going into alpha testing July 9th and have scheduled our game’s release for August 20th. We are also hoping to have VR headsets set up at the physical CGDC conference in July and would welcome you to come and test our game and give us feedback if you are in attendance.

For some other details, the game name is officially “Foothold” now! We’re also no longer basing the concept on Nehemiah. The theme now revolves around Ephesians 4:31, where these “enemies” (sins) are coming at you and you have to defend a partially walled-in settlement as friendly NPCs work to finish building the wall. The enemies are bitterness, rage, anger, clamour, slander, and malice (boss). The gameplay is tower defense style. The player has a “gravity-gun” arm (the grav-gun) and can pick things up and toss them with it (for example, bricks to help build the wall or obstacles for enemies), build and place towers, and engage in combat. This is still a VR game, but we are now expecting it to release on Steam VR instead of the VRBX platform. See early in-development screenshots and concept art attached to this email! 

On another note, we have had some developers who have recently needed to step away from the project, and we have a major need for volunteer programmers to help with this final stretch. If you or anyone you know might be a good fit, please reach out.

God bless!

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