Christian Game Developers


Saturday, July 22, 2023 - 1pm - 7pm PST

Don't be shy

Show us what you're working on!

Are you a passionate creator eager to showcase your tabletop or digital game? The Christian Game Developers Conference Expo is the perfect platform for you to unveil your creation to a supportive and enthusiastic community.

At the Expo, you’ll have the chance to gather invaluable feedback, connect with fellow Christian developers, artists, musicians, storytellers and more, and spark and gauge interest in your project.

Don’t worry if your game isn’t complete yet; we welcome all stages of development and encourage you to come and share what you’ve been working so diligently on all year.

Engage in conversations with fellow creators and potential players. Join us at the official Christian Game Developers Conference Exposition and let your game shine – see you at the expo!

We're trying something new this year

Introducing the CGDC Community Expo Day

We will be opening up the CGDC expo to the public on Saturday, July 22nd. Our hope is to build the “CGDC Community Expo Day” into an annual event that is well attended and could become a great venue for selling your game. Since this is the first year, we don’t know how many people to anticipate. So, it may be best to think of this as a chance to observe how players engage with your game and build your mailing list. To maximize the engagement at your booth, we encourage you to offer swag like stickers, candy, pins etc, or consider offering a larger prize drawing for people who sign up to your mailing list, or give away a prize for the person who posts the highest score.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the expo be open to attendees before Saturday?

Yes, the expo will be open just for our conference attendees on Thursday and Friday evenings after dinner, as well as Saturday morning after breakfast until lunch. We know these are reduced expo hours compared to previous years, but our goal is to help everyone who is demoing a game in the expo be able to fully participate in the conference programming, while still allowing ample expo time for everyone.

What does it cost to participate in the expo?

Absolutely nothing! The exposition is FREE to enter, and we will provide you with the basic amenities for your presentation. If you need anything further,

What is provided to me?

For booth and table exhibits, we provide internet and a space for your display. We can also provide, if requested, at least one half-table (more available if space permits) and chairs. Technology demonstrations are generally scheduled at the conference with sign-ups occurring on the first day. If your tech demo requires more than mentioned here, be sure to contact us in advance with details.

Will I have access to an outlet or reliable wifi?

Yes! We provide all expo participants with electrical access, including surge protectors and or extension cables (while supplies lasts). The conference will have on-site Wi-Fi which you can connect to with a guest account in order to conduct your presentations and demos.

Who should I email if I have additional questions?

If you have questions regarding anything not covered here, you can check out our expo FAQ or email Amy Green at You can also contact us directly for a response below. We will try to respond as soon as possible and get you all squared away.

Who will be there this year?

2023 Expo Participants

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Expo presentation setups

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Tech Demo

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Feedback Etiquette

Please know that our attendees are more interested in building each other up than subjecting others to withering criticism. With that in mind, we understand that constructive criticism is important. Please come to the conference ready to make compliment sandwiches! (A compliment, followed by constructive criticism, followed by another compliment)

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“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

-Ephesians 4:3