Archmage Rises

Archmage Rises

Experience the freedom normally only found in a tabletop RPG. Empowered with magic, you will create your own story, and experience real consequences from the decisions you make. Will you be the world’s savior… or its destroyer? The choice is yours.

Developer: Defiance Game Studio

Release Date: April 24, 2023


DISCLAIMER: This game is currently in active development with many new features still to be released. We are highly dedicated to the continued development of this game and release new content and features regularly. Please read the Early Access FAQs and our development roadmap below for more info before purchasing.

Born with magic in your bones, use your wits and power to navigate a simulated fantasy world – dynamic, alive, and increasingly dangerous. Grow in might as a mage in an open-world RPG inspired by Dragonlance, full of kingdoms that will rise and fall, economies that can boom or bust, and monstrous creatures that can overwhelm the land if left unchecked.

Immerse yourself in a player-driven story that evolves based on your decisions. Like in pen and paper games, every choice is yours and every choice can change the world. Will you earn the trust of the Conclave only to betray them later? Will you choose a life of crime, stealing from merchants and living on the run? Will you build friendships and rivalries with your companions from mage school? Will you forego a life of magic to pursue the simple existence of a trader? Or will you strive to ascend the heights of power, for good or ill?

The dynamic and living land of Vaelun reacts to your deeds, giving you the unique opportunity to shape the story and the world around you. Every choice you make can have real and far-reaching consequences for all those who dwell in this world. Pursue power and prominence, eliminate monstrous threats, or spend your days harvesting resources. Serve and protect, or dominate and destroy. Will you become the world’s deliverer, or its destroyer? The decision is yours.

Create a brand new, procedurally-generated world with its own history, inhabitants, towns, dungeons, monsters, and more. Then explore that world and make it your own as it responds to your actions and decisions. Every life you live as a mage is a unique and personalized experience.


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