SAGE Groups

SAGE groups (stands for “Support, Accountability, Growth, and Encouragement,” previously known as “Small groups”) are tailored towards helping you build meaningful relationships with other Christians who develop games and sustainably make progress and grow in your game development journey. These groups bring around five people together through a video conference to encourage, support, and hold each other accountable to their game development goals, while growing together as game developers through reading or watching a curriculum throughout the season related to game development. 

Why join a SAGE Group?


Providing and receiving feedback, insight, direct support, and prayer for each member as they share their game development progress


Expecting every member to attend each meeting they can, show off their progress towards their goals, and discuss the homework


Reading books and watching videos that provide knowledge, insight, motivation, and practical help that will help you grow as a game developer


Celebrating the progress each member makes throughout the year and how God is working with them on their game development journey

Who can join?

They are open to all game-related disciplines, such as developers, artists, musicians, and writers, as well as circumstances, whether you’re just getting started, actively working on your own indie project, freelancing, or employed at a game development company.

When do they start?

SAGE group seasons begins enrollment twice a year correlating with the CGDC (summer) and CGDC: Virtual  (winter) conferences.  Look for information about enrollment on the “News” section of this website and the CGDC Facebook and Discord communities around the times of these conferences.