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  • Tom Jolin

    April 29, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you! I did not realize you had replied. Thank you for the amount of time you took to look at this! There is alot to unpack, so I’ll need to review more closely.

    I can answer a few of the points:

    1) Yes, working towards this. Load times from the site it is hosted on do impact the loader screens. The app loads some of the assets during the load screen, but after reaching the main menu it begins to fetch assets in the background and will not proceed to settings, the awards or the instruction screen until those additional assets are loaded. Moving the game to a GameJolt will probably improve load times, but I can also place a load screen between levels to break up the asset loading into segments. As for handling sprites and performance it seems like using several tweens with alpha changes in ‘phaser’ simultaneously may not work great in all scenarios. Working on improving this for several of my games is a priority.

    2) All of these are good points and I’ll look at making those changes. Thank you!

    3) Thanks!

    /* PAIN POINTS */

    – Some of the cards can only be achieved when the conditions are just right, or when something happens for the first time in the game. i.e. Playing on Easter…. , Completing the game with no lives lost

    – The grayed out cards should only appear for the artifacts for the first few levels because those are the pieces you are playing with from the get go, but you haven’t technically earned them yet. They should no longer be gray after they are unlocked, so that is probably a bug.

    – Idols:

    Will add instructions about them during the ‘How to Play’ section. Thanks!

    An idol should be destroyed if two crosses are swapped witth each other, If a cross is swapped with the idol, or if it is in line with a four of kind match column or row. So that is another bug if it isn’t destroyed in all those scenarios. I might have broken something in the last update.

    Good ideas on how to handle idols! Maybe not the the three of a kind idea removing them though – because they are bad. Perhaps if you happen to get three of a kind of an idol, you get something worse like a ‘strong hold’ piece.

    I’ll repond to the other section in a bit.

    Thank you for the review!