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  • Tom Jolin

    April 29, 2023 at 6:39 pm


    -The blue “?” button shows you an available move when pressed. This is handled by a service worker and it might not be configured with the right path for the server I put this on. I will be posting this to GameJolt and I’ll make sure the worker is referenced in ‘parcel’ correctly.

    -As for charging money, I have no intension to do that at this stage with these games. The artwork provided is strickly for non-commerical usage and the artist an I would like to provide the games for free. Grace games for the Gospel of peace. However, runewable lives and awards for usage is ok. The leader board idea is awesome, I think I could probably host that on firebase for free.

    I look at implementing just about all you mentioned. Thanks again! Lot of good info.

    These are some areas of dev where I think I come up short and probably need help:

    – Colors / layouts & dialogs

    – I do not know how to create character animations. I can animate sprites, I just can’t create the artwork.

    – Story lines and progressive game play. So your tips should help.

    I will inquire about how to setup of the game page on this site. We have plans to make additional games, but they are backed up a bit due to time constraints. If anyone is interested in helping, I’d love to work with other people.

    Shooting Promises: Space Shooter Game where you shoot worry and fears with God’s promises

    Epistle: Psuedo 3d chariot racing game where you have to bring the letters to the early church. Based on an open source javascript project.

    Daily Grind: Pacman clone where you are chased by the enemy while collecting scripture as you progress through the books of the bible.

    Card Shark: Card games featuring biblical characters on the cards.

    Bible Quest: Fanasy game where you complete a quest by playing mini games: Word Search battle, character match, spiritual warefare (closing doors on the enemy, opening doors for blessing), slide puzzles, etc…