A message from the board about the 2020 conference

We have been looking forward to the 2020 conference. Our conference planning team has organized a fantastic event. They are eager to share details with you, and we had hoped to open registration in March. Unfortunately, due to the continued threat of Covid-19, we can not move forward as planned.

If we had to decide today whether or not to have the conference this year, the answer would be no. We understand how disappointed everyone will be if we have to skip a year, especially since so many people couldn’t attend last year. We love the community connection that happens when we meet together face to face. So, we have decided to take a “wait and see” approach.

The board will continue to evaluate the state of Covid-19, our country’s response to the pandemic, and any safety regulations and restrictions that are in place, through the months of April and May. We will not open registration unless we are confident that we can hold a conference without putting our community at risk.

If we decide that we can not confidently open registration by June 1st, we will cancel the 2020 conference and put all the plans we have already made into the 2021 conference. (The 20th year of CGDC!)

Please do not make any travel plans to attend CGDC at this time. We love this community, and we know that whenever we are able to meet again, whether it is this summer or next summer, our time together will be precious.

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