CGDC is Hosting a Virtual Jam Site for the Global Game Jam!

The Global Game Jam has been the world’s largest game creation event over the years, taking place around the globe with a variety of people and organizations hosting in-person or virtual sites for people to participate. This year, CGDC will be hosting a virtual jam site for everyone in the community interested in participating in the Global Game Jam, either individually or teaming up with other participants.

The game jam starts Thursday, January 20th, at 5 PM PT and ends on Sunday, January 30th, at 5 PM. If you are looking for a challenge with the traditional Global Game Jam experience, you can timebox your game jam project by using up to 48 hours any time throughout these 10 days. However, others who want to take their time throughout the ten days are welcome to do so.

If you’re interested in joining a game jam that spans the world from January 20th through 30th, you can join us by doing the following:

  • Join the CGDC Speedgame: GGJ Edition jam site on the Global Game Jam website
    • Click the “Join This Jam Site” button in the top right and register your GGJ account
  • Join the CGDC Discord and connect on the channels under the “Global Game Jam” category
    • #ggj-rules: Learn more about the Global Game Jam, the rules for the jam, and this year’s theme.
    • #ggj-general-chat: Introduce yourself and your abilities, connect with other jammers, ask questions about the jam, and form teams with others if desired.
    • #ggj-wip: Share screenshots or videos of your project as you’re working on it! It’s a great way to see what everyone is working on, get feedback for your project, and encourage others.
      • Please create a thread for your project so you can continue to make updates and keep them collected together. It makes for a quick and easy Discord dev blog for your project!
    • #ggj-dev-help: Stuck on an error or unsure how to get a particular outcome? Reach out here to get help from other jammers to help get you unblocked.

We hope you will join us at the Global Game Jam this year!

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