Results of the 2019 Board Retreat

Traveling from many locales, the CGDC Board came together and held its first ever Board Retreat in Seattle over the Labor Day weekend. During the 22 hours we met and:.Welcomed new Board members Phil Conrod and Matthew Colon while spending time bonding as a Board..

Toured and evaluated Northwest University in Kirkland, WA, as a possible conference venue for CGDC 2020 and met with the Seattle Local Group to get their input. .Officially formed the Conference Planning Team (CPT). Appointments of which will be announced soon.

We also and discussed the various roles on the team..Discussed Conference planning milestones/goals (to be announced).Discussed, created, and finalized a Mission Statement for CGDC.Began discussing Board Roles and Responsibilities.

Formed Social Media Committee: Mike & Matthew and Website Review/Refresh Committee: Mike, Peter, & Tim.Heard three presentations on Conference Recommendations, an annual Community Game, and a potential sponsorship.

Moving forward, the Board plans on meeting at least quarterly, but will continue discussing its current agenda and meet again within the next month.

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