We want to hear your story!

Many of you have had some great experiences where God showed up and showed off in your game development journey. For VCGDC 2020, we have created a space where you can share what God has been doing over this past year.

Also, we’d love to hear how CGDC has made an impact in your life. Perhaps it was when attending CGDC in previous years, being part of a CGD small group, meeting up with Christian game developers in your area as a CGD Local Group, or participating in the CGD Speedgames this summer, but whatever the situation we want to hear it!

Please visit our VCGDC 2020 Flipgrid page below, where you can record your story and share it with others so we can celebrate what God is doing in our communities and in the gaming industry. We’d love to share some of your experiences during the VCGDC live streams as well!

https://flipgrid.com/vcgdc2020 Flip Code: vcgdc2020

(Side note, recording on Flipgrid requires a Microsoft or Google account, and on mobile it requires downloading the Flipgrid app. We know it’s a pain to jump through these hoops to share your story, but we will be using this page for several things throughout VCGDC 2020 so it’s worth taking to extra steps to be a part of full conference experience!)

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