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The Witcher 3

Matthew Colon September 23, 2020
  1. What do you think of The Witcher 3?
  2. What key themes did you observe?
  3. Why was the quest writing so good in The Witcher 3?
  4. What about your game would greatly benefit from being reworked 3, 6, 12 times over?
  5. Where, in your game, is it obvious you are shipping with “one and done” effort?
  6. Destiny and Witcher 3 were both ridiculously ambitious, even by AAA standards. Why did the veteran company with more people, awards, money, stumble while the smaller less experienced company succeeded?
  7. The story and quests reflect Polish culture. In some ways this is refreshing compared to Bioware or Bungie. What principles can we take from CD Projekt Red to making fresh Christian perspective stories?
  8. CD Projekt Red got started because of localization: bringing games to non-English speakers. When they set out to make Witcher 3, they wanted to treat several languages as first-languages.
    1. Do you have a global perspective of game development?
    2. What thoughts or efforts have you put into localization and releasing in a global market?
  9. Witcher 3’s release date was carefully planned. They reflect later “If we had released the game at the first date, we’d be competing with Inquisition”.
    1. Does release date matter for indie games?
    2. How careful has the planning of your release date been?
  10. In Jan 2019 the minimum wage in Poland, which is the highest in the Eastern Bloc, was about $600 US/month while American is about $1,300/month. Let’s say the rule in America is $10,000/month per developer and Poland is $2,500. America, Western Europe (Britain), Japan currently dominate the gaming industry.
    1. What do you think the future looks like for game development?
    2. What can you do to prepare for this future?