Is there an Expo?

Yes, any attendee of the conference is eligible to be a part of our annual Expo for no additional charge.

Not only is it an opportunity for developers to share their creative ventures with others, but also a chance to receive constructive feedback and support from those who have faced similar challenges. The organization strongly advocates that developers aspire to excellence, infuse quality in all their works, and be true to the artistry God has placed in their hearts. We hope that you apply that same standard to your Expo presentation as well. Feel free to create an elaborate booth, distribute handouts/swag, display stunning visuals, or bring/apply the latest technologies to what you present. However, don’t let this call for excellence dissuade you from presenting what you have, as the best creative collaborations come out of works in progress rather than those presented as finished. Please know that our attendees are more interested in building each other up than subjecting others to withering criticism.

Expo presentations generally take one of three types: a booth exhibit, a table presentation, or a scheduled technology demonstration. We welcome all three types and can accommodate most reasonable requests you might have, provided you give us sufficient notice.

For booth/table exhibits, we provide internet, electrical access, and space for your display.  We can also provide, if requested, at least one half-table (more available if space permits) and chairs. Technology demonstrations are generally scheduled at the conference with sign-ups occurring on the first day. If your tech demo requires more than mentioned here, be sure to contact us in advance with details.

It is not uncommon for Expo vendors to offer products or services for sale. Each vendor is responsible for the logistics associated with merchandising (e.g. making change, providing receipts, tracking/confirming orders, and applicable sales tax). The vendor assumes all liability and agrees, by participating in the Expo, to hold the CGDC organization harmless in matters related to their sales.

Finally, a few notable guidelines:

1) We strongly prefer that you indicate on your registration form that you’re participating in the Expo in order to better help us plan.

2) The product/service/cause that you are promoting must be appropriate to Christian developers and children in attendance. We reserve the right to decline potential vendors.

3) For contractual and liability reasons, no sales or distribution of food, beverages, or alcohol (other than by us or contracted food services) at the conference site will be allowed.

4) There is a general expectation that the content you promote will be “family-friendly” or at least contain appropriate warnings if otherwise. Contact us ahead of time if your content will require warnings or if have questions.

5) The vendor and his agents are expected to use reasonable care not to damage the host facilities and agree to any necessary reparation if damage occurs.

6) The vendor is responsible for any costs associated with shipping material to/from the conference.

7)  It is expected that the vendor will set up and tear down their booth.  Tear down includes cleaning up.  If significant materials and trash (“mess”) is left, the vendor may be billed for the labor involved in tearing down and cleaning up.

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