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  • Michael Herrera

    March 18, 2023 at 2:08 am

    Okay then, I’ll go first.

    As you may have gathered, my name is Michael (or Mike if you prefer).

    I live in SW Wisconsin and work for a small family friendly game studio called Clopas.

    We make mostly narrative games. So far we’ve released 2 games on Steam:

    Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer and Adventureland XL

    I’ve been a pretty active member in the past, served previously as a Board Member and have attended many a CGDC conference (which I helped organize). Also, started the Seattle Area Local Group when I lived in Washington. Going to try my hand at creating something similar here.

    Look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you better.

    Oh, and my favorite food is pretty much anything ethnic (Italian, sushi, pho, Mexican, Cajun, Indian), but I’ve been known to eat pizza and hamburgers as well.