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    Posted by Michael Herrera on March 13, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    After doing a deep dive into the website, here’s what I would suggest as content for a Website FAQs section:

    How do I Follow and/or Connect with someone on the website (and what’s the practical difference)?

    How do I invite someone by email to join the CGDC website?

    Where can I make suggestions to improve the CGDC website or other CGDC programs?

    What’s the difference between creating a post in My Activity Feed versus creating a Discussion in a forum?

    Where can I add (and organize) photos/albums of different types (e.g. CGDC, Studio, Game, related Interests)?

    How do I subscribe or favorite a discussion? And where can a see a list of those?

    How do I change my password or security (visibility) settings?

    How and where can I change my email and website notifications?

    How does Messaging work? It won’t allow me to message someone I know is signed up to the website. How come?

    How do I add a new course to the website?

    How do I add a blog entry to the website?

    How do I add a new video to the Video / YouTube section?

    What are Quests? And how do they work?

    I’m lost. What’s the quickest way to find something on the website?

    I want to sponsor / purchase an ad or banner on your website. Who can I contact to discuss details?

    How do I find out more about a Studio or Game I’m interested in?

    How do I add my released game to your Game Discovery webpage?

    Where and how can I ask/submit a question that I don’t see answered here?

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