Let’s celebrate your games at VCGDC!

Let’s celebrate your games at VCGDC!We can’t have a games expo in person this time, but we can still showcase your games online! We’ll be showing game trailers and showcase videos for tabletop and video games from our communities throughout VCGDC, whether they are recently released or currently in progress. To have yours included, you can upload them to our Flipgrid page below under the “Showcase Reel Submissions” topic (the link below will take you directly there).

Your game trailer or showcase video submission should:

  • Be a maximum of 3 minutes long
  • Have the name of the game in the title on Flipgrid
  • Have the name(s) of the game creators in the title on Flipgrid

We’ll be combining all of the submissions into a single video that we show between sessions and in our digital common room (more info on that to come 🙂 ). The video will also be made available on the CGDC YouTube page to share with others.Thanks for helping us celebrate the great games that our communities are making!

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