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Game Character Development & Level and Mission Development

Matthew Colon October 3, 2020
  1. Do all of your characters have a specific reason for being in your story? If not, how can you improve the design of your characters to better integrate them into your story, or what characters may you need to remove if they don’t have a place?
  2. Do the concept art, 2D art/modeling/textures, animation, and audio/performance for and implementation of your characters accurately represent the narrative design for the character? If not, what steps can you take to realign these areas to the narrative design?
  3. Have you developed character description documents for your characters? If so, how has that helped you or others remained aligned when implementing aspects of the characters? If not, what can you do to start developing these documents for your project?
  4. How are you currently designing your characters and levels/missions to make your players feel? Are there characters or levels/missions that don’t evoke emotion with your players that need to be addressed?
  5. Do your player characters currently have ludonarrative harmony? If not, how can you better align the design of your player characters with your players’ mechanics, abilities, and limitations?
  6. Do your levels/missions currently have ludonarrative harmony? If not, how can you better design your levels/missions to align what the player wants, what the player character wants, and what the player/player character is doing or being asked to do?
  7. How are you currently balancing surprise and believability in your story? Are you also balancing these well with fairness to your players? If not, what changes do you need to make?