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Introduction, Basic Training, & Conflict: The Fuel of Story

Matthew Colon October 3, 2020
  1. “This is also true of game story. No one person can pull it off alone.”
    1. Whether or not you are a writer or narrative designer, how do you feel about this statement in regards to your current game development goals?
  2. In your particular discipline, what storytelling opportunities and experiences have you had so far on your game development journey?
  3. Which games’ stories or gameplay do you feel are good examples of using conflict well to drive the player forward? Which games’ stories or gameplay do not do well at this?
    1. How is your project using conflict as a driving force?
      1. What are your major conflicts and what are your smaller-scale conflicts in your story and gameplay?
      2. How are your levels, missions, etc. in your project physically expressing that conflict?
  4. Which games do you feel have stories with the right amount of scope for the conflict? Which games’ stories have overinflated stakes?
    1. How does your project’s story currently scope its conflict, and what adjustments might you need to make if you feel its stakes are overinflated?