1. Which part of these two chapters resonated with you the most as a citizen of heaven and/or as a creator?
  2. “You wait until the conditions are perfect, you will never write a thing. It’s always a matter of will.” Tolkien would often think about his writing while mowing his lawn or doing some other task. What techniques have you come up with that help you keep creative during times where you can’t sit down and work it out?
  3. “All I could see when I looked out through that window was that daydream of sky bouncing through sky and pigtails bouncing through the meadow.” The Lord often gives us vision and dreams of what he would have us do. What is your main vision in game design?
  4. “The world that is, whispers of the world to come the kingdom is coming but the kingdom is also here. So we might as well get busy and rip out the carpet than let it be.” When hearing this quote, how does it affect you as a creator?