1. What movie, game, musician, artist, etc. that you didn’t think would have anything inspiring, ended up moving you and had tremendous depth? 
    1. Why did it/they move you?
  2. “Delight in what you find delightful, more than you bemoan what isn’t…Aesthetic discernment also drives you to work that much harder when you are making your own art.” When looking at your project, what could you hold it up to to compare and see if it is good?
    1. What is the standard that you are attempting to hit?
  3. “It is just as important to make something, even if it is not great.” “As long as you are making something, then failure is a word that has no meaning.”
    1. What small projects have you worked on that you have found may not have been the caliber you were looking for, but found them enjoyable, and educational to bring to where you are now?
    2. Do you think you would have been able to be where you are now without those previous projects?
  4. Anything from this chapter that you can apply to your own projects and work ethic?