1. “Agenda is bad when it usurps the beauty. Christian art should strive for a Marriage of the two.” 
    1. What is your agenda with your project?
    2. What is the beauty of your project?
    3. Do the two work together or are they at odds with one another?
  2. Is your calling more overt or more subtle with your project?
    1. Who is your audience?
  3. “Acknowledge the applause. Say thank you.” How can you do this as a game designer?
    1. How can you make your guests feel at ease?
  4. “Don’t distract your Audience.” “Proceed with the utmost care.” “Steal boldly.” “Love the Listener.” “Write it like you would say it.”
    1. How can we “Sneak past Watchful Dragons” to engage our audiences?
  5. What in these two chapters have impacted how you think about the creative process?