1. What has captured your imagination?
    1. How have you applied that in your work?
  2. “That one holy way of mending the world is to sing, to write, to paint, to weave new worlds. Because the seed of your feeble yet faithful work fell to the ground, died and rose again. What Christ has done through you will call forth praise from lonesome travelers long after your name is forgotten.” “Whoever they were, they belonged to God.”
    1. The last chapter has much to encourage us with. What stood out to you the most?
    2. What can be applied to your own life?
    3. What resonates with you about Andrew’s experience?
  3. The afterword has quite a bit of advice with song writing, but has much that can be applied to game design.
    1. What can be applied to you and your projects?
    2. What would you add to Andrew’s list?
    3. How do you think you can improve as a Creator?
  4. What from the chapter or afterword resonated with you the most?