1. In what way is the Lord redeeming your past for your current projects and ministry?
  2. “I was scared yes, but my fear was overshadowed by my audacity.” How do you keep going when you are scared about what it is you’re doing or you’re fearful about your project?
  3. “Intention trumps execution.” Sometimes our intentions will outweigh our skills and abilities. People can see through beyond our innate skill level to see what it is we are doing. How has this been true in your own projects or how could you see it applying to the projects you’re working on?
  4. Andrew talks about how he had to balance missing school plays and not having a December where their dad was home. “How do you balance your work time with your family life? How do you balance the call that God is put on your life with the balance of your family?”
  5. What part of this Chapter really resonated with you as an individual? 
    1. As a Creator? 
    2. As a believer in Christ?